Gerry Mulvenna's Recipes

It's not that I'm a great cook or anything like that, but the amount of times you share some home-baked food with people and they ask you about the recipe, I decided I might as well type them up as and when required and stick them on the web for the next time I'm asked about them.

So here's what I've got so far in the collection:

  1. Tofu and banana pancakes (vegan)
  2. Coconut balls
  3. Tofu and cashew nut roast
  4. Vegan Wheaten Bread
  5. Vegan Birthday Cake I (Sponge Sandwich)
  6. Vegan Birthday Cake II (Vanilla Sponge)
  7. Vegan Birthday Cake III (Chocolate Cake)
  8. Vegan Fruit Scones
  9. Vegan Trifle
  10. Veggie Sausage and bean pasties

Last updated: 12 February 2008