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webcam02Hi – welcome to Teach Mheana (or “House of Meana”), as I’ve called my website. In December 2008, I embarked on a blog-style makeover for the website, to present the different threads of my life in a more coherent manner.

Teach Mheana – what’s all that about?

My surname is Mulvenna, which in the original Irish is Ó Maoil Mheana, meaning descended from a devotee of the (river) Main. Given that many river names in Ireland are synonymous with local goddesses, such as Sinann (the Shannon) and Boann (the Boyne), I’m speculating that Meana may have been the goddess of the river Main (flowing near Randalstown in Co. Antrim).

Pure speculation it’s true, but I think Teach Mheana or House of Meana makes a nicer name for this virtual place than Gerry Mulvenna’s website.